Where to begin?
You are already taking your first step toward your life journey at M-V Villa. We understand how difficult it is to make the changes in life, and we will walk you hand in hand through the transition process, by way of our complementary strategic planning.

How to initiate the conversation with my loved one about them moving into a
Being prepared is the first step in initiating the conversation. Consider doing
the following before your discussion: compile a list of concerns for your aging parent,
learn about senior care options, understand the location and environment of the
options, and gather community information (but don’t overload). After doing
your homework, and you are ready to tackle the conversation.

Think of some open-ended questions on how to start it. Questions like, “Do you feel safe living alone in your home?,” “Would you like to spend more time with others your own age,?” or “Do you worry about driving?.”

Try to talk in person, show empathy, give your loved one time to make a decision,
and plan to talk many times again. Slow and steady…make this a voyage of

Are there other options for me or my loved one?
Families need to weigh whether it is feasible and cost effective to go with an in-home option or if it will be a more fulfilling, healthier life to move to a senior community where meals, amenities, and social programs are provided.

Residents at Senior Living stay socially engaged and connected. Another thing to consider is that community living provides an environment for residents to stay socially connected and feel more engaged, resulting in happier and healthier Seniors.

We will work together with residents and family toward the common goal in
providing you or your loved one with the quality care and supervision needed,
such as balanced meals and snacks, wellness checks, medication management,
daily activities, social interaction, and preservation of independence.

Which Senior Living option is appropriate for me or my loved one?
There are many options to choose from in a senior living community, but most important is choosing the community that best suited to you or your loved one based on the needs and the financial resources. Visit communities to see how the staff and residents interact, and feel if the atmosphere is friendly when entering the community. Keep in mind that frequent moves will have negative impact for you and your loved one.

What can you offer to me or my loved one?
We are committed to providing compassionate quality of care, integrity, programmed
activities, skills, friendly staff and professionalism.

When is the right time for me or my loved-one to move in a senior living
When you or your loved find it difficult to keep the normal daily routine. Things such as
neglecting personal hygiene, neglecting the house cleaning, becoming malnourished,
failing to pay bills on time, skipping medication, falling down, feeling unsafe alone, wandering off, etc.

Why do I or my loved-one need to move to a Senior Living Community?
A socially engaged life will enrich and stimulate the life of a senior while maintaining
their independence. It will optimize wellness and longevity, and promote individual
quality of life in a place they one day can call “home”. A place with diversity of
culture, social interaction, and physical and spiritual balance.