Our Services

  • Strategic Planning: We offer complementary consultations for the physical
    move, for emotional support, and for financial resource education to suit the
    needs of the future residents base on individual needs.
  • Independent Living: We assist in creating life styles with purpose for residents while keeping their full independence. But supervision and assistance is readily available when they need it.
  • Assisted Living: For residents who live mostly independently, but need some
    supervision and assistance with their average daily living activities, we offer assisted living services. These include personal care, wellness check, medication management, and coordination of individual care needs with the physician and pharmacy.
  • Transitional Care: Through the aging process, some residents might progress
    to Mild Cognitive impaired condition, which will require transitional care
    before going into secured memory care care.
  • Memory care: For those who have suffered memory loss for various
    reasons, such as Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia, we offer care in a
    secured community. This include daily personalized care and
    programmed activities, physical exercise, emotional stimulation, and
    social interaction with respect and dignity.
  • Long Term stay: We provide care for appropriate residents until the end
    of life journey in a place they can call home.
  • Respite stay/ Temporary stay: Based on available beds, we provide
    care for appropriate residents on temporary stay with daily rates based on
    the level of care needed.
  • End of Life Care: We will coordinate with the third party health care
    providers to ensure comfort care for residents who are progressing in towards
    the end of life journey.