About Us

Our mission is to create an environment in our community with life enriching
activities, to maintain the residents’ independence, to optimize wellness and
longevity, to promote individual quality of life in a place with social interactions, physical activity, and spiritual balance.

Independence: We strive to create life styles with a purpose for residents  that maintains their independence in a new place they can call home but with supervision and assistance available when they need it.

Optimized wellness: We work hand in hand with residents’ physicians. our chef and
our nurse can provide daily balanced meals based on individual dietary
requirements, daily welfare checks, vital signs checks, and medication
management to promote longevity and quality of life.

Social interactions: We provide a social experience with diversity of culture, faith, and age group based on residents’ personal interests, sometimes within the community and sometimes through field trips and social functions.

Physical activity: We offer daily exercise based on residents’ physical abilities to promote physical wellness and strength.

Spiritual Balance: We work together with all faith leaders to organize and serve
residents’ spiritual needs based on individual faith option.

“Making our journey of our life beautiful and memorable by
taking care of our Body, Soul, and Spirit.”